ISR Deck Mix

ISR Deck Mix is a unique, highly crack resistant concrete developed by Conproco and its partners in an ambitious research project commission by the U. S. Navy.  The Navy requirements were to develop a repair material with a high resistance to cracking and maximize the use of recycled materials.   ISR or Internal Stress Relief technology is the result of a three-year laboratory and field effort. Every test for a repair material listed in the ACI/ICRI Data Sheet Protocol has been conducted by independent laboratories on ISR Deck Mix. The material handling characteristics are exceptional in that it can be placed up to a 8” – 9” slump without effecting material properties.

Other Conproco products that can be used with ISR Deck Mix

Conpro Primer – long-open time, single component, water-based acrylic bonding primer

ECB – zinc rich, single component, water-based acrylic corrosion protection for rebar

Apply: pour, pump, trowel

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