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Developing and manufacturing innovative products for construction since 1975.


1975 – Company found to produce new technology of fiberglass reinforced structural cement

1980 – Introduces crystalline water entry protection system to US market

1992 – Develops performance/color matching system for natural stone

1995 – Contributor to Army Corp REMR program

 1997 – Builds new facility to house manufacturing, R&D and corporate offices

1997 – Introduces radically new water based technology for corrosion protection of imbedded steel

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse

1998 – Introduces new water-based technology for long-open-time bonding primer for concrete

2000 – Introduces color matching for natural stone, Terracotta and concrete that allows trained applicators to accomplish color matching at the job site.

2003 – Builds new plant to expand capacity

2003 – Introduces highly breathable mineral silicate paint for concrete that can not peel

2006 – Introduces new technology high performance  water repellant for concrete and masonry

2009 – Complete a three year effort to develop a  crack resistant repair mortar for the U.S. Navy incorporating technology new to concrete and  utilizing a high percentage of recycled materials.

Dam Deterioration

Dam Deterioration

2011 – Introduced the micro injection grout in an array of colors to match stone, cast stone, concrete and terracotta substrates.

2012 – MARC (Mid-Atlantic Resource Center) opened in Baltimore MD.  Facility created to provide “hands-on” training for architects, engineers and trades people.  Facility also offers custom matching for Stone Repair Mortars, repointing mortars, injection grout and coatings.

2013 – Bow facility doubled in size to meet increasing demand for powders and liquid products

2014 – Introduced “Repoint”, a color matched repointing mortar available in small and large quantities.

2015 – Construction begins for twelve new silos and a new production line added to the Bow facility.  When complete the a total of twenty silos will add siginicantly to our production capabilities.

2016 – Introduce ISR (Internal Stress Relief) technology for concrete repair materials.  Ground breaking technology developed for the U. S. Navy to eliminate cracking in repair mortars

The Plaza Hotel

The Plaza Hotel


Contributor to the Army Corp of Engineers Repair, Evaluation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation Research Program (REMR): 1995-1998

Sponsor/Host National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) conference “Predicting the Performance of Concrete Repair Materials” April 1999/Durham, NH

Partner in C.R.E.E.P., a committee formed from a NIST initiative and tasked with the “Development of Test Methods for Cracking Tendency of Repair Materials”

Sponsor of research “Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Adjacent to Surface Repairs” /Dale Barkey; published ACI Materials Journal, July/August 2004

Pier 13 NAB
Committee member ACI 364 Rehabilitation, responsible for the development of “Guideline for Inorganic Repair Material Data Sheet Protocol” (standardized testing and reporting for repair materials)

Speaker/participant, IV International Workshop “Bringing the Concrete Repair Industry into New Era of Sustainable Development”, presenting “Aesthetic Compatibility in Concrete Repair”

Co-author “Realcrete” versus “Labcrete” published Concrete International, February 2004

Co-author “Durability of Concrete Repair- Field Analysis versus Laboratory Results” presented at 5th International Colloquium, January 2003

Co-author “Assessment and Development of Test Methods for Cracking Tendency of Repair Materials” presented at International Conference on Concrete Repair, Rehabilitation and Retrofitting, November 2005 Cape Town, South Africa

Harbor Towers

Harbor Towers



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