Foundation Coat  
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Foundation Coat Fiberglass reinforced cement based, waterproof coating for positive-side, below-grade applications. Meets the requirements for waterproofing under the International Building Code.
Foundation Coat

The substrate must be clean of all dirt and contaminants.
Pre-soak the surface with water. The surface must be wet
at time of application of Foundation Coat for proper adhesion.
Mix Foundation Coat with water to a mortar-like consistency.
Substitute 1 quart of water for 1 quart K-88 Admix
for improved adhesion to cast concrete.
Trowel apply to a uniform thickness of 1/8 inch.
Form a cove of the material at the juncture of the wall
and footing to prevent water entry.
Mist Foundation Coat 2 - 3 times during first 24 hours
when temperatures are above 70°F.
1 quart of K-88 Admix eliminates need to mist cure.

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